Winning an  Quality Food Award doesn't end on the night.  Publicising your win and shouting about it means your consumers know how amazing your products are too! Here's what some previous winners have to say about winning a Q...

“At Aldi we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest quality food and drink at unbeatable prices. Over the years we have been awarded 73 Quality Food Awards and 58 Quality Drink Awards, as well as accolades such as Quality Food Award Retailer of the Year and Quality Drink Award Retailer of the Year in 2017. These speak volumes about the high calibre of our products – and not only are we very proud of these but our customers really take note of them too. Given the rigorous process that goes into judging the awards, we believe them to be hugely beneficial in demonstrating the excellence of our products to both new and existing Aldi customers.”
Julie Ashfield, Joint Managing Director of Corporate Buying at Aldi

"We, at Yossi Foods, are thrilled to have won Gold Small producer of the year with the fantastic Q awards. The benefits have been really invaluable to us as a young growing company. The Co-Op have been so supportive both in terms of feedback, advice and accessibility to people who really seem to care about a positive outcome for us.
We were also lucky enough to spend the day with the amazing duo behind Tastemakers. Their experience and knowledge of the marketplace and the thinking of decision-makers in different types of organizations was immeasurably useful for us. They were so generous in sharing their insights and creativity - it was a joy to brainstorm with two such inspiring thought leaders. We would never have had access to this type of input so early in our journey had it not been for winning at the Quality Food Awards. We're still very much enjoying the fruits of the win, so a big thank you to the Q awards!"
Rebecca Channock, Yossi Foods

"I was very excited to hear that we’d won the Christmas Quality Food Award 2017.  Our Christmas range showcases the quality which we can achieve whilst still delivering great value for our customers. At Asda, Quality is something we always strive to deliver and it’s great to see that this has been acknowledged through winning the Christmas Quality Food Award. We are delighted to have won this award which is proudly on show in our awards cabinet."
Ciara Loker, Product Developer- BI AYR & Seasonal Cake, Asda